Short-term Training

1) Thermal imaging Camera Training:

This training program gives an introduction about thermal imaging in general, and the uses of the thermal imaging Camera. Infrared thermal imaging involves the use of temperature measurement and thermal flow as a predictor or diagnose the malfunctions. Important to know the basics of thermal flow and thermal behavior of materials to understand the importance of temperature changes on the test sample.

• Introduction about thermal Imaging
• Fundamentals of thermal imaging camera
• International standards for PV modules inspection
• PV modules inspection
• Connection Points and Combiner box inspection
• Equipment’s and tools used
• Safety requirements
• Thermal imaging camera storage and maintenance
• Reporting and Documentation after inspection

2) Operation and Maintenance for PV systems Training:

The aim of this training is to train Jordanian youth on the methods of work and tests used in the maintenance, operation and cleaning of power plants in PV systems. Taking into consideration the health, safety, environment and quality during the post-operating phase.

• Basic components of photovoltaic power plants
• Maintenance of photovoltaic power plants
• Duties and responsibilities of staff at the station
• Precautionary measures to be followed before starting maintenance and operation
• Tools and equipment used in maintenance and operation
• Preventive maintenance of stations

3) Site Survey Training

This training is intended to help people interested in the basics and steps of the site survey visit to of Photovoltaic systems projects, starting with the basic functions of the photovoltaic system components, defining the types of surfaces for system installation, The basic of safety fundamentals, and then the basic drawing steps required of them before, during and after the visit, in addition to the description of the tools ,Which can be used to perform tasks as required, how to take pictures, plus some examples of reality that may help.

• Introduction about Site Survey
• Photovoltaic (PV) System Components
• Site survey steps
• Common obstacles and mistakes during Site Surveys

4) Large Scale system installation and design

This training aims to train the participants on the utility scale installations and the main component of these projects also to understand the best practice with Utility scale systems.

• Introduction to PV projects in Jordan
• PV systems components
• Safety fundamentals
• Equipment and tools storage
• Daily preparation for work
• Site Survey
• Types of Structures
• PV Panels installations
• DC installations
• AC installations
• Cable Extensions in trenches
• Combiner box installations
• Visual inspections
• Testing and commissioning
• Reporting and Documentation