Solar PV– Third Male Batch. (25 Trainees, Ongoing)

25 youth males from Mafraq Government and the surrounding cities joined the CoE to be enrolled in the new and modified training program which has new elements focusing on more practice based learning, new mentorship adn consulting element and another skills required by the private sector.

During this course, the trainee learns many practical and theoretical skills acquired through developed sets through the labor market, given to the trainee through three main stages:

Foundation stage:
The trainee learns basic skills in mathematics, physics, English and computer

Vocational training phase:
This phase covers the practical aspects in a major and theoretical way through a set of major units:
1- Principles and principles of electricity
2. Organization of work
3 – processing the work site
4 – Building the metal structure of photovoltaic solar systems
5. Installation of photovoltaic solar systems
6 – Conducting tests of experimental operation of photovoltaic solar systems
7. Preventive maintenance of photovoltaic solar systems
8. Therapeutic maintenance of photovoltaic solar systems

Field training phase:
The trainees will be sent to the field training for two weeks in the middle of the training program, and again at the end of the program. After that the trainee will be able to acquire multiple skills. At the end of the course the trainee will practice for a month and a half in companies at work sites