Solar PV– Second Male Batch. (44 Trainees, April 2019)

44 youth males from the city of Mafraq and surrounding areas in northern Jordan, have completed the seven-month training program in installation and maintenance of the photovoltaic solar systems at Jordanian German center of excellence for solar energy, the students equipped the required knowledge to be a promising future for the field of solar technicians.
They are currently ready to join the Jordanian labor market as qualified and skilled technicians in the field of photovoltaic solar systems, after receiving the training program within the training workshop at the Center of Excellence, and passing all the practical and theoretical examinations in addition to the occupational tests that certified by Center of Accreditation and Quality Control CAQA, to be able to obtain the occupational license of professional practice as a skilled technicians in the photovoltaic solar systems.
Thus, all the youth graduates have obtained three accredited certificates, as the followings;
• Certificate of Occupational License – skilled level accredited by CAQA.
• Certificate of professional competence accredited by the NET Company.
• Certificate of Life Skills accredited by NET Company.