Over the past four months, NET Company has worked to harbor good relationships with the community, private and public in Mafraq and its surrounding areas. One way this was achieved was by holding various activities, events and meetings. NET had the chance to receive official and unofficial delegations at the Jordanian-German Center of Excellence for Solar Energy in order to broaden its partnership network with the private and public sectors alike to work together to provide distinctive training programs towards to the Jordanian market needs.
In the past months, the CoE hosted multiple events and was part of many other activities aiming to introduce the CoE to companies in Jordan.
The first activity, a Ramadan iftar was held on Jun 11 2018. The iftar was held for the male trainees along with their families in order to encourage harmony between Syrian and Jordanian students and families. How many participants?? After the iftar, awareness sessions was held to the trainees and their families about the importance of the TVET and the renewable energy, and to get more feedback from students’ families on the development of their sons during the training program at the Center of Excellence, in addition to the positive changes they have gained at the professional and moral levels.

On June 24th, the center of excellence was visited by a delegation from the International Refugee Council. The delegation was introduced to the center, its vision, and the center’s accomplishments thus far.. Ways for collaboration and synergy were also discussed; they agreed to help three students by training them in one of the solar energy companies in Mafraq

In addition to obtaining a certificate of participation certified by the NET Company in the field of solar heating systems, after completing a short-term training course within the training workshop at the Center of Excellence, through a practical training program accredited and developed to emulate the latest solar heating systems that may add more values on the experience of trainees in their careers. During this course, students were trained on multiple subjects related to heating systems both from a theoretical and practical perspective. The training was divided into three parts; the first part was about sanitary installations were the trainer needed six intensive credit hours to provide the students with the needed knowledge in that field. The second part of this training was 10 credit hours dedicated to teaching students about non-solar heating systems (electrical, gas systems) where they learned about the installation, diagnosis of problems, and maintenance of these systems.
The rest of the credit hours of this training focused on the field of solar heating systems, the students were introduced to each component and its principle of work individually, then about all the system components combined. They also learned about system installation, diagnosis of problems, and system maintenance.

In July, the center started planning for the next step in the grant agreement; the women’s training. On June 4th, NET held an open day to get recruit women for the solar heating systems training program. This open day had many activities in order to introduce the women to the Center of Excellence and demonstrate its potential impact to the community. During the open day, the women had a session with a life coach to introduce them to the soft skills needed for success in the field, and to demonstrate the importance of commitment when it comes to these training and potential career paths. The session also included an introduction of the training at the CoE, brainteasers, educational games about solar energy and energy efficiency, as well as activities to develop their soft skills. At the end of the session, a registration form was distributed among the women in attendance.

  • Our Vision

    To be the leading training Center of Excellence for Solar Energy Technicians and Professionals in and for Jordan

  • Our Mission

    Develop and provide unique training programs
    Match certified trainees with labor market demand

  • Trainees and Graduates

    200 Trainees and graduates so far

  • Training

    Long Term Training : 3
    Short Term Training : 10