The Jordanian German Center of Excellence for Solar Energy (CoE) has evolved exponentially since it was opened, as it has been introduced widely to the community, the private and public sector, and academic institutes. In short, the center is working to achieve its vision of becoming a model center for Jordan in cooperation with GIZ.
The center is growing and improving in terms of trainings and center layout, as several changes were made inside the workshops and in the outdoor training spaces to make the training process more interactive and applicable, a lot of changes has been made to the centers workshop from the inside and the outside , the center had the required material for the training but it just needed reorganizing , that’s why the workshop was reorganized into steps to train the students on the equipments to go along with the curriculum units , the Lucas Nülle device was installed and placed as an advanced step through the steps that were installed , outside the workshop three systems were installed (On-grid, Off-grid , and solar water heating )

In addition to obtaining a certificate of participation certified by the NET Company in the field of solar heating systems, after completing a short-term training course within the training workshop at the Center of Excellence, through a practical training program accredited and developed to emulate the latest solar heating systems that may add more values on the experience of trainees in their careers. During this course, students were trained on multiple subjects related to heating systems both from a theoretical and practical perspective. The training was divided into three parts; the first part was about sanitary installations were the trainer needed six intensive credit hours to provide the students with the needed knowledge in that field. The second part of this training was 10 credit hours dedicated to teaching students about non-solar heating systems (electrical, gas systems) where they learned about the installation, diagnosis of problems, and maintenance of these systems.
The rest of the credit hours of this training focused on the field of solar heating systems, the students were introduced to each component and its principle of work individually, then about all the system components combined. They also learned about system installation, diagnosis of problems, and system maintenance.

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  • Our Vision

    To be the leading training Center of Excellence for Solar Energy Technicians and Professionals in and for Jordan

  • Our Mission

    Develop and provide unique training programs
    Match certified trainees with labor market demand

  • Trainees and Graduates

    200 Trainees and graduates so far

  • Training

    Long Term Training : 3
    Short Term Training : 10