Training Batches

Solar PV– First Male Batch. (65 Trainees, July 2018)

65 youth males from the city of Mafraq and surrounding areas in northern Jordan, have completed the seven-month training program in installation and maintenance of the photovoltaic solar systems at Jordanian German center of excellence for solar energy, the students equipped the required knowledge to be a promising future for the field of solar technicians.
They are currently ready to join the Jordanian labor market as qualified and skilled technicians in the field of photovoltaic solar systems, after receiving the training program within the training workshop at the Center of Excellence, and passing all the practical and theoretical examinations in addition to the occupational tests that certified by Center of Accreditation and Quality Control CAQA, to be able to obtain the occupational license of professional practice as a skilled technicians in the photovoltaic solar systems.
Thus, all the youth graduates have obtained three accredited certificates, as the followings;
• Certificate of Occupational License – skilled level accredited by CAQA.
• Certificate of professional competence accredited by the NET Company.
• Certificate of Life Skills accredited by NET Company.

In addition to obtaining a certificate of participation certified by the NET Company in the field of solar heating systems, after completing a short-term training course within the training workshop at the Center of Excellence, through a practical training program accredited and developed to emulate the latest solar heating systems that may add more values on the experience of trainees in their careers. During this course, students were trained on multiple subjects related to heating systems both from a theoretical and practical perspective. The training was divided into three parts; the first part was about sanitary installations were the trainer needed six intensive credit hours to provide the students with the needed knowledge in that field. The second part of this training was 10 credit hours dedicated to teaching students about non-solar heating systems (electrical, gas systems) where they learned about the installation, diagnosis of problems, and maintenance of these systems.
The rest of the credit hours of this training focused on the field of solar heating systems, the students were introduced to each component and its principle of work individually, then about all the system components combined. They also learned about system installation, diagnosis of problems, and system maintenance.

Solar Thermal – First Female Batch. (41 Trainees, Dec 2018)

In 17 DEC 2018 the female graduation ceremony was held under the patronage of his Excellency Yaser Al-Edwan the Governor of Mafraq city where this ceremony consisted of the following events; at the beginning multiple speakers starting from the Director Manager of the center welcoming the attendees , the Governor had also the chance to give a speech about the vocational training in mafraq and in Jordan in general also to talk about the CoE and its main role to support the area, after that the GIZ Project officer gave a speech on behalf of the TWEED project Manager to present the role of the GIZ-Jordan in general and NRW in specific in supporting and developing the CoE in many different areas, and to spot the light on the man trained those females the trainer Ali sharadqa spoke about his experience in training the females in this field and to give them a chance to be involved more in the vocational studies, at the end the Training Department Manager from NET Mohammad Soub also spoke on behalf of the General manager that this project is important to NET and its success is essential to maintain and develop Vocational education in mafraq.
After the speeches were finished a panel discussion was held with four speakers to discuss the female vocational training from different perspectives as we had Fadi Marji (NSSC President) from the private sector , and from a vocational training provider was Mohammad Soub as a representative from NET , a female success story who started her own project and company to support the involving of females into plumbing and solar thermal and at the end our own success story a graduate from the center who was an exceptional student from the beginning Alaa’ Mashaqba , as all of them spoke about vocational studies each one from their own angle and how we can all work together to encourage the youth to enroll in these programs to start their own career apart from the academic field.
At the end of the ceremony their Excellences the General Manager of NET and Mafraq Governor handed awards for the participants in the panel discussion and the trainers of Males and females and at last the first student from each nationality (Jordanian, Syrian) in the class were handed an award to recognize the hard word along with their certificates as all the female graduates received three certificates:
• Semi-Skilled Certificate certified by CAQA as an assistant technician in solar thermal.
• Life Skills Certificate from NET
• Professional Competency Certificate from NET
Also with their certificates the female graduates were also given a tool box consist of equipment’s that might be a great help for them to start their own business and to rely on themselves, since it’s hard for them to be enrolled in this field in the private sector and they have good chances to work in their own community and to take a chance to change people’s ideas about females enrollment in this field of work.

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    Match certified trainees with labor market demand

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    200 Trainees and graduates so far

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