The Jordanian-German Center of Excellence

The Jordanian-German Center of Excellence is a specialized vocational training center that provides training courses for the rehabilitation of young men and women to work as professionals in the installation and maintenance of solar energy systems at various professional levels, and focuses on the practical side in classrooms and training workshops equipped with the latest equipment and training aids to meet current and future needs in Solar energy sector, as well as on-job training in cooperation with private companies.
The Center of Excellence was established by the National Company for Operation and Training, with the support of Al-Mafraq Development Company, which contributed to the provision of land and buildings, as well as Orange Telecom, which provided financial support for the rehabilitation of buildings and workshops provided by the King Hussein Bin Talal Development Area.

For its importance, GIZ provided technical support through the rehabilitation and upgrading of the training and administrative staff, in addition to financial support for the processing and development of training workshops and laboratories, and providing them with the latest equipment and training equipment.

To meet the needs and requirements of the labor market, the trainee passes through three main stages:

In the first stage, the trainee is qualified to engage in the labor market through the acquisition of life skills, physical fitness, and ethics and work behavior.
In the second stage: the trainee begins to acquire practical and theoretical skills in the workshops and classrooms, by trainers and technicians who have obtained local and international Tot courses.

During the training period, the center offers monthly incentives for trainees as well occupational safety and health uniform. After completing the training in the training workshops at the center, the trainee moves to training in the work sites of the private companies to acquire skills and practical experience.

Thus, the trainee becomes qualified practically and professionally . He obtains a certificate of practicing an accredited skilled profession from the Accreditation and Quality Control Center in accordance with internationally accepted professional standards, which allows him to obtain suitable job opportunities in the Jordanian market.

On the other hand, the Center of Excellence offers specialized courses in solar energy for employees of solar companies to keep pace with the latest developments in the labor market.

  • Our Vision

    To be the leading training Center of Excellence for Solar Energy Technicians and Professionals in and for Jordan

  • Our Mission

    Develop and provide unique training programs
    Match certified trainees with labor market demand

  • Trainees and Graduates

    200 Trainees and graduates so far

  • Training

    Long Term Training : 3
    Short Term Training : 10